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Internal regulations

Construit in jurul unui concept versatil pentru intreaga familie, iti aduce mai aproape optiunea unui stil de viata sanatos.

Dear guest,

We have crafted this Internal Operating Regulation and refined it over the years, always aiming to provide you with high-quality services. At the same time, we aspire to be an oasis of tranquility and relaxation for you and all those who come to our club.

Therefore, please find below our operating rules, designed to help us all enjoy the club's facilities together in a more intimate, discreet, and respectful manner, considering everyone's time who crosses our threshold.

Thank you for choosing to become a member of our community. We hope you enjoy your time spent with us and invite you to review our internal regulations.

1. Pescariu Sports&SPA is a sports and leisure complex, managed by the Dinu Pescariu Foundation.

2. The schedule for Pescariu Sports&SPA is as follows:
   - Mon-Fri: 06:00-23:00
   - Sat-Sun: 08:00-22:00
   - Mon: 09:00-23:00
   - Tue-Fri: 06:00-23:00
   - Sat-Sun: 08:00-22:00
These are the standard operating hours, which may be subject to changes in special situations (e.g., Easter, Christmas, New Year, etc.). Any changes will be posted in the club.

3. Access will be granted only after completing the registration form and issuing the membership card, which is strictly personal and non-transferable.

4. By signing the registration form,
the client assumes responsibility for their own health, physical condition, and ability to use the facilities and equipment provided by the club. Additionally, Pescariu Sports&SPA is not liable for bodily injuries suffered by members who use the facilities and sports equipment improperly, without the supervision of specialized instructors from the club.

5. Any sports activity within Pescariu Sports&SPA requires prior approval from the family doctor or specialist doctor, depending on the individual's health condition. The member undertakes not to engage in sports activities within the club if their health condition does not allow it. Pescariu Sports&SPA reserves the right to request the member's medical approval regarding their health condition.
6. The card/bracelet is the property of Pescariu Sports&SPA. A deposit of 50 lei or 80 lei, respectively, will be required upon issuance, and this amount will be refunded upon termination of the subscription, at the return of the card/bracelet.

7. In case of loss of the access instrument, the deposit will not be refunded, and a new card/bracelet will be issued with a new deposit of 50 or 80 lei.

8. Entry into the club is allowed only based on the membership card. The card/bracelet is not transferable. Improper use immediately results in the withdrawal of the card and the cancellation of the subscription. In case of loss or theft, the holder must immediately inform the club's reception. If, for various reasons, the member cannot present the card/bracelet, a day pass can be borrowed from the club's reception.

9. The membership fee must be paid in full at the beginning of the subscription period. Termination of the contract results in the loss of the paid amount.

10. Upon registration, a locker for the changing room will be provided free of charge. In case of loss, a new one can be purchased for a fee (20 lei) at the club's reception.

11. Lockers in the changing rooms cannot be kept occupied between visits. Every evening, after closing hours, the club reserves the right to cut all remaining locked lockers.

12. Pescariu Sports&SPA is not responsible for objects left, forgotten, lost, or stolen on its premises.
13. During club visits, each member will be provided with 2 towels (one large, one small), handed over at the towel reception strictly in exchange for the voucher received by each member after paying the subscription. The voucher will remain at the towel reception until the towels are returned. If, for various reasons, the towels are not returned, the voucher holder will be required to pay the amount of 50 lei.

14. The consumption of drinks or food brought from outside is not allowed within the club premises.

15. Within the Club premises, any kind of inappropriate behavior is not allowed. This behavior includes, but is not limited to: the use of abusive, offensive, degrading, profane language, obscene behavior and language, or any harassing behavior that may cause discomfort to members or employees.

Don't forget: our common goal is relaxation and creating the healthiest and most comforting atmosphere for our community. Please be mindful of your tone of voice, and in case of an emergency situation, please withdraw to the designated areas for discussions or phone conversations.

16. Club members have the opportunity to invite up to 5 guests/day (please note that Pescariu Sports & Spa reserves the right to refuse access in case of inappropriate behavior or attire). Guest access is free from Monday to Friday, between May 1st and September 30th, and from Monday to Sunday during the rest of the year, within the limits of existing bonuses in the membership, or by paying the entrance fee.

17. Guests can enjoy the chosen facilities for one day, but only when accompanied by the member who invited them. The member is responsible for informing guests about the Club's regulations and ensuring that guests are medically fit and trained to use the facilities.

18. When accessing sports fields, the fitness room, pool, spa area, etc., members are required to have the appropriate equipment for the respective area (its description can be found in the regulations of each zone). The member undertakes to notify the Club if they are unfamiliar with how to use the facilities, in which case they will contract the services of a club-approved personal instructor, with the associated fee being borne by the member.

19. It is strictly prohibited:
- The entry of children under 13 years old into the club without being accompanied by an adult.
- The access of children under 16 years old to the spa area and gym, even if the parent has a subscription for that area (except for children using the fitness room under the supervision of a personal trainer).
- Children under 13 years old accessing classes intended for adults.
- Member access to facilities not included in the valid subscription unless they have requested the use of a guest pass or paid the access fee for additional facilities at the Reception.

20. To avoid unpleasant situations, children up to the age of 13 must use the changing rooms designated for children. In case of overcrowding in the children's changing room, they may use the adult changing rooms only if accompanied by an adult. Unaccompanied children should contact the staff of Pescariu Sports & Spa for assistance during their time in the changing room.

21. Access for children under 16 is restricted in the VIP changing room area. Of course, in extreme situations, the club's staff should be notified to provide support.

22. Club members can make reservations for massages or treatments up to 7 days in advance. Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance. Failure to attend or canceling less than 24 hours before a reservation will incur a penalty equivalent to the scheduled service.

23. Based on the members' explicit consent expressed in advance through the registration form, we use images captured in photos or videos for the purpose of promoting the club and our community. We collect these images transparently from our clients (e.g., a snippet of a workout, a photo from a tennis tournament, or a football match). We use these images online or offline: on the website, on the social media pages we manage, or those managed in collaboration with us. Pescariu Sports & Spa undertakes not to display materials that could affect the image of clients and not to disclose the identity of individuals appearing in photos or videos without their consent.

24 .As we respect the right to the image of all our clients and visitors, consent for the processing of this data can be withdrawn at any time without affecting the quality of the services we provide. For this, you can contact us anytime via email at or submit a written request to the address Str. Glodeni nr. 3, Bucharest, Romania.

25. Pescariu Sports & Spa Club is continuously monitored by video (except for private areas such as changing rooms and bathrooms). The monitored spaces are visibly marked. The recorded information is necessary to defend the legitimate interests pursued by Pescariu Sports & Spa, to ensure the safety of individuals and their property, and may be communicated, in compliance with legal provisions, to law enforcement or criminal investigation authorities.

26. For more information on how the "Dinu Pescariu" Foundation processes your data, the rights you have, and how you can exercise them, please access our Privacy Policy, available at the Club's reception and on the website The Privacy Policy is an integral part of this Internal Regulations.
27. By completing the registration form at Pescariu Sports & Spa Club, it is considered that each member consents without reservation to comply with this regulation.

28. Non-compliance
with this regulation may entail, depending on the severity of the violation, sanctions that can range from the withdrawal of the membership of Pescariu Sports & Spa.

29. Pescariu Sports & Spa
reserves the right to cancel a subscription if the member's behavior is considered inappropriate, obviously refunding the remaining value of the subscription.

30. Pescariu Sports & Spa
reserves the right to modify, revise, or supplement this regulation whenever necessary, with any changes taking effect upon posting or communication to the members.

1. Access is restricted to individuals aged 16 and above.

2. Please maintain silence and respect the privacy of other clients.

3. Din motive de igiena, va rugam sa:
 ●  Use the shower before entering the SPA (a foot disinfectant shower is available at the entrance).
 ●  Wear swimwear at all times.
 ●  Use a towel in the dry sauna.

4. The following are not allowed in the SPA area:
 ●  Use of mobile phones.
 ●  Entry with items or accessories such as watches, jewelry, glasses, contact lenses, magazines.
 ●  Use of body lotions, oils, or self-tanning creams.
 ●  Smoking and consumption of alcoholic beverages/food.
 ●  Reservation of heated beds during the use of other facilities.
 ●  Access for children under 16.

5. Do not enter the sauna or jacuzzi if you:
  ●  Are pregnant (*access is possible only at your own risk by signing a form available at the Club's Reception).
  ●  Have kidney or heart problems.
  ●  Suffer from asthma, diabetes, or epilepsy.
  ●  Are under the influence of medication, alcohol, or drugs.
  ●  Suffer from febrile infectious diseases or open wounds.
  ●  Have consumed alcohol or had a heavy meal in the last 90 minutes.


  ●  Before entering the SPA area, we recommend consuming light meals and staying hydrated with water, tea, or fruit juice.
  ●  During your visit, you can prepare a warm and aromatic tea in the specially designated area.
  ●  Exit the sauna if you feel unwell.
  ●  For a complete relaxation effect, we recommend a massage session at the end of your visit.



  ● Take a quick shower with warm water and soap;  
 ●  Dry yourself thoroughly. Protect your hair with a towel to prevent it from drying out;
 ●  Enter the dry sauna (the use of a towel is mandatory) and turn the hourglass.

STAGE 1 (Warm-up phase)
  ●  Relax for 8-15 minutes in a seated or lying position.
  ●  Add water over the heated stones if you want to increase humidity and the sensation of higher temperature. The sensation is more intense at the upper level of the sauna.

STAGE 2 (Cooling phase)
  ●  Exit and take a cold shower (or use the frigidarium) to stimulate blood circulation and tone the skin/body (start with extremities and finish with chest and face).STAGE 3 (Rest phase)
  ●  Dry yourself well and get comfortable on one of the heated beds in the relaxation area.
  ●  Drink plenty of liquids to avoid dehydration. You can prepare a warm and aromatic tea in the specially designated area.

  ●  Detoxification of the body
  ●  Boosting immunity and accelerating metabolism
  ●  Increasing skin elasticity
  ●  Anti-wrinkle effect (in combination with frigidarium)
  ●  Improving peripheral circulation
  ●  Muscle, joint, and ligament pain
  ●  Rheumatism
  ●  Post-heart attack (rehabilitation phase)
  ●  Mild hypertension
  ●  Insomnia, depression, stress

  ●  Pregnancy
  ●  Acute internal inflammatory diseases
  ●  Febrile viral/bacterial infections
  ●  Hypotension, acute myocardial infarction, cerebral circulation disorders, diabetes
  ●  Epilepsy, glaucoma, tumors, sexual diseases
  ●  Skin infections or open wounds
  ●  Influence of strong medications or drugs
  ●  Consumption of alcohol or a heavy meal in the last 90 minutes


  ●  Take a quick shower with warm water and soap;
  ●  Dry yourself well;
  ●  Enter the steam sauna;

STAGE 1 (heating phase)
  ●  Sit comfortably and let yourself be surrounded by steam for 8-15 minutes.
  ●  Relax and breathe deeply to benefit from the warm steam and essential oils on the pulmonary and nervous systems.

STAGE 2 (cooling phase)
  ●  Upon exiting the sauna, refresh yourself with a cold shower or use the frigidarium (start with the extremities and finish with the chest and face) to stimulate blood circulation and tone the skin and body.

STAGE 3 (rest phase)
  ●  Dry yourself well and sit comfortably on one of the heated beds in the relaxation area.
  ●  Drink as much liquid as possible to avoid dehydration. You can prepare a warm and aromatic tea in the specially designated area.
  ●  If you wish, you can repeat the sauna session, respecting the three stages!
  ●  Shaving is not allowed in the steam sauna.INDICATIONS
  ●  Detoxification of the body
  ●  Boosting immunity and accelerating metabolism
  ●  Increasing skin elasticity
  ●  Anti-wrinkle effect (in combination with the frigidarium)
  ●  Improving peripheral circulation
  ●  Muscle, joint, and ligament pain
  ●  Rheumatism
  ●  Post-heart attack (rehabilitation phase)
  ●  Mild hypertension
  ●  Mild forms of bronchial asthma/bronchitisCONTRAINDICATIONS
  ●  Pregnancy 
 ●  Acute internal inflammatory diseases 
 ●  Febrile viral/bacterial infections 
 ●  Hypotension, acute myocardial infarction, disorders of cerebral circulation, diabetes
  ●  Epilepsy, glaucoma, tumors, sexual diseases
  ●  Skin infections or open wounds
  ●  Influence of strong medications or drugs
  ●  Consumption of alcohol or a heavy meal in the last 90 minutes

 ●  Access to the pool is exclusively based on the membership card;
 ●  Children under 13 must be accompanied by a parent, a club member, or a swimming instructor;
 ●  Guests and members' children have access only accompanied by the pass holder; invited persons benefit from the same facilities as the pass holder and are subject to this regulation.
 ●  During swimming lessons, parents or guardians are not allowed in the area adjacent to the pools;
 ●  Visitors must use footwear protection;
 ●  Access with animals in the pool area and on the beach is not allowed;
 ●  Please do not bring food or drinks from outside the club;  ●  Access in a state of intoxication, the consumption of alcoholic beverages, or tobacco in the pool area is strictly prohibited;
 ●  Management reserves the right to refuse entry to customers who appear under the influence of alcohol, medication, or drugs;
 ●  Do not use the pool if you have infectious diseases or open wounds;
 ●  Persons who do not comply with the regulations will be asked to leave the premises and will have their pass suspended/canceled;

 ●  For hygiene reasons, showering is mandatory before each entry;
 ●  Use specific equipment (swimsuit, slippers, cap).
  ●  Nudity and any indecent behavior are prohibited;
 ●  It is advisable to avoid entering the pool with makeup;
 ●  Access to the pool is not allowed for people with open wounds, dermatitis, skin diseases, or communicable diseases;
 ●  Children up to 3 years old must wear special diapers for the pool when entering the water and be closely supervised by an adult;
 ●  Use the stairs to enter or exit the pool;
 ●  Jumping into the water and playing with the ball are not allowed;
 ●  Unassisted diving is not recommended; Caution! Do not run. The floor may be slippery;
 ●  For access to various facilities (swimming materials, ventilation, lighting), please ask the on-duty instructor for permission. After using swimming materials, please return them to the designated places;
 ●  Auxiliary materials should be used strictly for swimming, not for play; In crowded pool situations, please respect the priority swimming lanes and swimming in the circuit;
 ●  Do not throw objects into the pools (e.g., chewing gum);
 ●  For the beach, we recommend the specially designated area.

For participation in the swimming courses organized by Pescariu Sports&Spa, the parent of the enrolled child undertakes to adhere to all the rules outlined in this regulation or posted in the club:

1. Access will be granted only after completing the registration form and issuing the access card, which is strictly personal and non-transferable.
2. Before attending the courses, the parent is obliged to obtain a medical approval for the child to participate. The child should only be brought if medically fit and in good health.
3. The parent understands and agrees that they are solely responsible for the child's health, and any accidents that may occur due to known or unknown health issues at the time of registration do not constitute the responsibility of Pescariu Sports&SPA; the club cannot be held liable for these.
4. The parent undertakes not to bring the child to the courses if the child is sick or if their health condition does not allow them to attend one or more sessions or endangers the health of other children.
5. The club reserves the right to request medical approval from the parent regarding the child's health.
6. The parent undertakes to inform the club of any special needs of the child and any information regarding their behavior.
7. Access to the class is only allowed based on the scheduled appointment made at the reception or with the coach, only on the date and at the scheduled time, based on a valid subscription registered in the database.
8. Access for parents or guardians during class hours is not allowed. Escorts can wait for the children in the Main Reception lobby or at the restaurant inside the Club (The Gallery). To evaluate the course result, parents will have access to 2 swimming sessions per course, which must be announced at the Reception. Parents entering the pool area are asked to use appropriate footwear (slippers); otherwise, the club reserves the right to deny them access. To avoid unpleasant situations, children under the age of 13 must use the children's locker rooms. In case of overcrowding in the children's locker room, they may use the adult locker rooms only if accompanied by an adult. Unaccompanied children should contact the Pescariu Sports&Spa staff for assistance during their stay in the locker room.
9. Access for children under 13 is restricted in the VIP locker room area. In case of extreme situations, club staff must be notified to provide support.
10. Children must attend classes with appropriate equipment, including mandatory swimwear, slippers, swim caps, and optional swim goggles and fins.
11. Children under 3 years old must wear special swimming diapers upon entering the water.
12. Pescariu Sport&SPA Club is not responsible for objects left, forgotten, lost, or stolen on the club premises.
13. Showering is mandatory before entering the pool.
14. Children should be instructed to use the toilets before entering the pool and whenever needed.
15. Payment is made in full, in advance, at the club's reception, at the beginning of each session package.
16. In case of non-attendance, money is not refunded, and missed hours cannot be recovered. Hours included in session packages must be completed within 3 months from the start date of the course.
17. The parent has the duty to notify the child's absence with a minimum of 24 hours in advance to avoid missing the session. In extreme cases, absence should be reported by phone at least 5 hours before the scheduled time.
18. Non-compliance with this regulation may lead to the suspension or even cancellation of swimming sessions.

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