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more than
a wellness club.

The diversity of the fields we come from is an advantage, as well as the mix of perspectives, skills, and different experiences.


Our history begins with Tenis Club Bucuresti in 2001 when former tennis player Dinu Pescariu turned a dream into reality. This dream later became Pescariu Sports&Spa, a more complex concept dedicated to the entire family.

We became aware that urban dwellers desire a place of escape, detachment, where they are welcomed and understood entirely, and where they come with the same pleasure and enthusiasm with which they return home. A different kind of home; away from traffic, routines, and deadlines. Where you recharge with wellness to live the life you desire.


You have the chance to engage in your favorite activities with friends or family, right in the city center. We offer you the opportunity to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Our facilities meet a wide range of needs, ensuring that you leave happy. You can find us at 3 Glodeni Street, between Floreasca Lake and Tei Lake, across from Verdi Park.


To maintain the warm and friendly atmosphere that characterizes any family business, our team is not large but experienced and dedicated.

Today, we uphold the values with which we started, and our team members identify with them, raising the standards of the club's services to the exclusive level appreciated by our members. For loyalty and dedication, we thank them!

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Pescariu Sports&Spa Wellness Club promotes the "Art of Living Beautifully." Built around a versatile concept for the whole family, it brings you closer to the option of a healthy lifestyle.