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fit ball

FitBall is a toning class that uses large diameter balls (approximately 55cm).

The exercises practiced in this class engage all muscle groups, and when performed regularly, they will help you develop your coordination and flexibility, while also strengthening your respiratory and cardiovascular systems. There are no age restrictions.

Razvan Sindelaru

Circuit Training

Circuit Workout is a cardio and toning workout that challenges your endurance and muscle strength.

This class uses accessories such as elastic steps, bars, dumbbells, medicine balls, mats, BOSU, TRX, or your own body weight.

cristina nedelcu

Healthy Spine

Healthy Spine has a dual role: both preventive and therapeutic. Therefore, it is an ideal workout for those who suffer from back pain, thanks to a series of appropriate physical exercises.

Moreover, even those who do not experience such pain can practice this class as a preventive maintenance for maintaining spinal health.

Florin Aliuta


ExploreBoxing is a sport that involves attacking and defending with fists. Participants try to apply powerful and frequent punches, either on a punching bag or in pairs with the help of gloves.

Boxing is a cardio workout that accelerates your metabolism and keeps you in shape. This class is the perfect choice for people who are very energetic or who are looking to fight against the effects of stress.

Antonio Verona


This is a 100% functional class that uses your own body to become more mobile, stronger, more coordinated, and in balance with yourself and everything around you!

It is a workout accessible to everyone, regardless of their physical fitness level.

Mihai Ionescu

tai chi

ExploreTai chi is a practice that involves a series of slow movements that lead to a meditative state of mind and controlled breathing. Tai chi is often described as “meditation in motion”. This mind-body practice, which originated in China as a martial art, has value in treating or preventing many health problems.

Tai chi differs from other types of physical exercise in several ways. The movements are usually circular and never forced, the muscles are more relaxed than tensed, and the joints are not fully bent.

Emilia Olinici

circuit training

Circuit Training involves resistance, aerobic, high-intensity workouts, and exercises performed in a circuit. It aims to develop endurance and muscular resistance.

A "circuit" involves completing all exercises in a specific program. Traditionally, the time between exercises in Circuit Training is short, often with a quick transition to the next station.

Adrian Dumitru

max burn

Max Burn is a toning class with a pulse maintained at a moderate intensity. It engages the muscles through multiple repetitions combined with semi-isometric exercises.

Accessories used include dumbbells, mats, and one's own body weight. This type of workout is suitable for anyone looking to target all muscle groups with light to moderate weights.

Yana Varnakova


Pilates involves a low-intensity workout beneficial for strengthening muscles. It emphasizes developing flexibility, mobility, and maintaining proper posture. Moreover, it can prepare the body for the safe completion of more intense strength training exercises.

Pilates uses a combination of simple and repetitive exercises to create muscular effort.

Gabriel Vasile

total body

Total Body is a class that aims to target all major muscle groups in a single session. It involves a combination of abdominal exercises, cardio, and strength exercises designed to tone and strengthen muscles.

For such a workout, a mat and light weights are necessary. This training proposes intense exercises that will increase physical strength, reduce body fat, and improve overall fitness.

Ana Marin


Yoga brings a perfect balance between the harmony of the mind and body, promoting mobility, attention, and balance. It can also help reduce stress, bring calmness, and provide energy. Yoga combines physical postures with breathing exercises and is a practice that you can take with you beyond the mat.

What will you feel after a class? Improved flexibility, posture, a profound sense of calm and freedom, both mentally and physically. Any feelings of anxiety will dissipate, and you'll be more attentive and connected to your body.

Yana Varnakova

aqua gym

Aqua gym represents an innovative method of conducting a class that includes exercises borrowed from gymnastics or aerobics, performed right in the water!

This form of movement can be practiced at various water depths, at different levels of intensity, depending on the individual's fitness condition and capabilities, catering to all age groups. Moreover, it strengthens and tones the muscles. Each movement targets opposing muscle groups, making it an excellent way to stay in shape!

Gabriel Vasile

abs & butts

Abs & Butts is an intense class that uses accessories such as the step, resistance bands, and weights - all to bring benefits to both the legs and abdomen.

The main goal of the class is to effectively and correctly engage the abdominal muscles, where exercises are performed to tone the main areas of the abdomen.

Emilia Olnici

steel training

Steel Training is the result of an intelligent combination of weight training and a serious dose of adrenaline. It is a type of workout that boosts metabolism and aims to burn fat through repetitions with light to moderate weights.

All exercises are performed with a weight bar and discs. The intensity is determined by the number of kilograms added to the bar.

Ioan Carp

group cycle

Performed on stationary indoor bikes, Group Cycle is an incredible way to ensure you don't miss out on the proposed workout! The cycling class is a dynamic choice for exercising and is perfect for developing both cardiovascular health and muscle tone.

Additionally, this workout ensures improvement in balance, coordination, as well as posture and has low impact on the knees and other joints, making it suitable for participants of all ages.

Ana Maria Zvanca

body workout

Body Workout is a class that targets all major muscle groups. It includes cardio exercises as well as bodyweight exercises and various accessories such as dumbbells, weight discs, or resistance bands.

This workout helps reduce body fat by increasing quality muscle mass. It strengthens the muscle tone of the entire body, especially the lower part.

Yana Varnakova


Stretching is a form of physical exercise that involves intentionally stretching a specific muscle or tendon to improve perceived elasticity, achieve better muscle tone, and enhance overall body flexibility.

Stretching helps keep muscles flexible, strong, and healthy, providing an increased level of mobility.

Mihnea Petrescu


Tabata is a style of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) that involves 20 seconds of maximum effort exercises followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated for a certain number of rounds.

Tabata relies more on time structure and intensity than specific movements, meaning workouts can involve a wide variety of exercises!

Svetlana Burashnikova

mobility training

It is a class that helps improve your mobility and posture. It reduces joint pain and helps increase flexibility and freedom of movement.

This type of training is done on a mat, sometimes with the help of straps. It is a low-intensity class that caters to all age groups, regardless of physical fitness level.

Ana Maria Zvinca

step & tone

Step & Tone is an energetic, toning class that combines exercises for the entire musculature. Both the step platform and small dumbbells are used.

The rhythmic music during the class will make you lose track of time, and by the end of the class, you'll feel more upbeat and stronger.

Gabriel Vasile

cardio & tone

If you're looking for a challenging workout, Cardio & Tone incorporates both cardio and toning exercises to strengthen your entire body.

Each class is a true surprise, using different equipment or just your body weight. Get ready for a complex, dynamic, and efficient hour of exercise: one that helps burn fat quickly and increase endurance!

Gabriel Vasile


Toning offers a series of toning exercises used to develop the body's musculature harmoniously. The main benefits include increased strength, energy, and flexibility.

Achieving a toned body requires muscle-building exercises and provides the additional advantage of improving mobility.

Yana Varnakova

core & flex

Brazilian Core & Flex is a dynamic class that involves performing multiple exercises in a short period.

This workout helps you quickly restore physical condition, increase endurance, and strengthen muscles.


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